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Girl Scout Junior Product Designer Badge Workshop


This workshop is specifically designed in conjunction with the badge requirements. Each scout will have a packet to work from throughout the workshop. Depending on age level, the packet provides corresponding readings, graphics, note taking space, and questions.


Part One: Observe What Makes A Great Product



Part Two: Be An Innovation Detective



Part Three: Figure Out What's Working and What's Not



Part Four: Innovate to Find Solutions



Part Five: Mess Up So You Can Try Again


Girl Scout Junior Jeweler Badge


1. Observe what makes

    a great product

2. Be an innovation


3. Figure out what's

    working and what's not

4. Innovate to find solutions

5. Mess up so you can try again!


When I've earned this badge, I'll know how to think like a product designer.

-—Girl Scouts of America


Book your workshop whenever works best for your troop. This workshop takes 2 hours.



Generally, this workshop takes place in the SPLAT Studio [3128 Main St. Caledonia]. It may be possible to bring SPLAT to you, contact to figure out the details.



The cost is $8 per participant and includes all materials for the described workshop.

The studio gets crowded with more than 12 participants. There is a maximum of 16 participants. If you have a large troop, it may be best to split into 2 groups and come separately.


What Else?

- You will need to coordinate transportation to and from the SPLAT.

- You will need to provide the actual badges for your scouts.

- You may want to bring a small snack or drink.

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