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Girl Scout Senior Collage Artist Badge Workshop


This workshop is specifically designed in conjunction with the badge requirements. Each scout will have a packet to work from throughout the workshop. Depending on age level, the packet provides corresponding readings, graphics, note taking space, and questions.


Part One: Explore a Collage

The workshop opens with a presentation of the history of collage. Scouts will learn about the artists, materials, techniques, cultures, styles, and more.


Part Two: Focus on Composition

Miss Emily will explain the proper use of materials and then the scouts will each create a collage using the cubomania technique.


Part Three: Create with Color

Next the scouts will learn about color theory and create a collage with a color scheme of their choice.


Part Four: Use Found Objects

Everyone will create a collage using a large variety of objects. Scouts are encouraged to explore with composition, color, and texture to create a unique piece.


Part Five: Share a Message

After looking at some historical collages that shared a message, scouts will create a collage to advocate something they are passionate about. 

Girl Scout Brownie Painting Badge


1. Explore collage
2. Focus on composition
3. Create with color
4. Use found objects
5. Share a message

When I've earned this badge, I'll know how to create collages using different materials and color themes.​

-—Girl Scouts of America


Book your workshop whenever works best for your troop. Your troop size, ages, and other needs will factor into the time required.



Studio Fee: $20/hour
Project Fee: $10 per participant

Fees cover facility use, a dedicated instructor, workshop packet, and all project supplies. 


What Else?

- You will need to coordinate transportation to and from Adventures & Art [3090 Main St Caledonia].


- You will need to provide the actual badges for your scouts.


- Feel free to bring a small snack or drink for a brief break.


- This workshop is suitable for Brownies and older. Material presented remains interesting and projects will be done at a higher skill level.

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