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Girl Scout Brownie Painting Badge Workshop


Badge workshops are specifically designed in conjunction with the badge requirements. Each scout will have a packet to work from throughout the workshop. Depending on age level, the packet provides corresponding readings, graphics, note-taking space, and questions.


Part One: Getting Inspired

The workshop opens with a presentation of famous works of art. Scouts will learn about the artists, materials, techniques, cultures, styles, and more. Miss Emily will then show and discuss some of her own art. The presentation will transition into a conversation and attempt to have each scout identify what they like or find inspiring.


Part Two: Painting the Real World

Miss Emily will explain the proper use of materials and then the scouts will each paint a still life. Several arrangements will be available for the scouts to choose from. 


Part Three: Painting a Mood & Part Four: Painting Without Brushes

Scouts will discuss different moods and how colors or shapes can symbolize them. Each scout chooses which mood they will incorporate into an abstract painting. Everyone will explore painting with all sorts of crazy supplies on a canvas. This is a fun activity that results in a variety of unique paintings!


Part Five: Painting a Mural

After talking about murals, the scouts will work together to create one. Collaborating on a work of art is a great teambuilding activity and teamwork will be emphasized. 

Girl Scout Brownie Painting Badge


1. Get inspired
2. Paint the real world
3. Paint a mood
4. Paint without brushes
5. Paint a mural


When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll have new ideas about what to paint—and how to paint it.

-—Girl Scouts of America


Book your workshop whenever works best for your troop. Your troop size, ages, and other needs will factor into the time required.



Studio Fee: $20/hour
Project Fee: $10 per participant

Fees cover facility use, a dedicated instructor, workshop packet, and all project supplies. 


What Else?

- You will need to coordinate transportation to and from Adventures & Art [3090 Main St Caledonia].


- You will need to provide the actual badges for your scouts.


- Feel free to bring a small snack or drink for a brief break.


- This workshop is suitable for Brownies and older. Material presented remains interesting and projects will be done at a higher skill level.

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