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SPLAT Programs

Super Phenomenal Little Artist Teams


Explore a wide range of arts and crafts with a variety of materials and methods. Throughout the year enjoy a wide variety of arts, challenge your skills, discover art masters, and spend time on your passion projects.


This program uses a combination of guided, choice-based, and process-based activities. Some unstructured Choice Time is incorporated most days and prepared to match the needs of each age group.


SPLAT may take place in the Creativity Garden or otherwise outside if weather/daylight allows!

2022-2023 SPLAT Programs

Mon 6:00-7:00pm SPLAT [best for 6th-10th]

Tue 4:30-5:30pm SPLAT [best for 1st-3rd]

Tue 5:30-6:00pm SPLAT [best for PreK-Kinder]

Wed 3:30-4:30pm SPLAT [best for 1st-5th]

Wed 4:30-5:30pm SPLAT [best for 4th-8th]

Thu 2:00-3:00pm SPLAT [best for 4th-8th]

2022-23 School Season



School Season: September 18th - June 17th

with Holiday-Based Breaks and Special Events

The School Season is broken into three terms to organize large projects/themes. This allows for registration for a portion of the year if needed, but full school season is recommended.

Fall Term: Sep 18th-Dec 17th

Winter Term: Jan 2nd-Apr 1st

Spring Term: Apr 9th-Jun 17th

Tuition Schedule Options:


Full-Year Plan: One Payment for School Season

Receive a 15% Discount (Due September)


Term Plan: Three Payments of $120
(Due on the 5th of October, January, April)


Monthly Plan: Nine Payments of $40 
(Due on the 5th of October-June)

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