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Miss Emily

"Miss Emily" Nicole Mattice Roll
Adventures & Art Owner, Artist, Lead Instructor 

Hey there, thanks for checking out Adventures & Art and getting to know a little about me! 

I was fortunate enough to be raised around a family business with incredibly supportive parents who listened to my dreams of creating an art club for kids at 14-years-old. I made a power-point presentation to explain just what I wanted to do and how I would use my collection of art supplies, thirty-some-dollars from my piggy bank, and love of art to start a club for a few younger cousins and friends. The club was called SPLAT standing for Super Phenomenal Little Artist Team. It was so exciting for me and I kept wanting to do more and more.

Over 10 years later I'm thrilled to still be working at my dream. I've been able to create a business around my passions, now called "Adventures & Art", located in my hometown of Caledonia, NY. The day-to-day allows me a wide variety of tasks and flexibility. In one day I could create my own artwork, teach theater to middle schoolers, explore music with toddlers, help elementary students express themselves through visual arts, manage the website, monitor administrative tasks, and maintain the studio. It can be tough to balance but I absolutely love it.

I enjoy learning new things every day to bring into my studio and whole-heartedly believe that art changes lives. With a focus on wellness and community, Adventures & Art provides a variety of creative opportunities to all ages. You can join us for classes, workshops, or camps, plus book parties or events. If you don't have time to create, you can still shop a selection of unique handmade gifts, artwork, and products.

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