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Drama Kids Programs

with Drama Kids International of Rochester


Drama Kids International and DKI Acting Academy

Enjoy an internationally loved program that uses a curriculum with a variety of fun, fast-paced activities each class to develop skills in public speaking, communication, self-expression, teamwork, and much more!


The Drama Kids International copyrighted original curriculum uses four to six fun, fast-paced activities each class. Activities vary between individual, partner, small group, and whole group.

Fall Term:
Fun, fast-paced skill building concludi
ng with a Showcase of Skills performance


Winter Term:
Fun, fast-paced skill building while learning
DKI Scripted Original for performance


Spring Term:

Fun, fast-paced skill building while creating original plays

2022-2023 Drama Kids Programs

Mon 7:00-8:00pm DKI Acting Academy [best for 6th-10th]

WINTER SHOW: The Guilty Party
Performance Day Saturday, March 18th

Tue 3:30-4:30pm DKI Creative Drama [best for 1st-5th]

WINTER SHOW: Mystery at the Big Top
Performance Day Saturday, March 18th

Wed 5:30-6:00pm DKI Creative Drama [best for PreK-Kinder]

Wed 6:00-7:00pm DKI Creative Drama [best for Grades 1st-5th]
Pirate Joe

Performance Day Saturday, March 18th

Wed 7:00-8:00pm DKI Creative Drama [best for Grades 4th-6th]
Note: Combined with Wed 6-7pm to support cast minimums for show. Happy to offer split classes if rosters allow!



Take 2 Programs

Drama Kids "Take2" Programs are available for those currently registered in Creative Drama or Acting Academy. All Take2 Programs will rely and build on skills being developed in the requisite Creative Drama or Acting Academy. With this in mind, we have more time to go above and beyond!

Thu 4:30-5:30pm DKI Take2 Musical Theatre [best for Grades 2nd-6th]

Thu 6:00-7:00pm DKI Take2 Musical Theatre [best for Grades 4th-10th]

*Winter Only* DKI Take 2 "The Claw" [best for Grades 2nd-8th]

Please join us for rehearsal as often as possible and communicate conflicts up front so we can work on applicable scenes, skills, etc when you can be there. Scripts, skill videos, and other resources will be distributed for home practice as needed. Friday Rehearsal Nights, Dress Rehearsals, and Tech Rehearsals are important times to strive for full cast practice. 

Thu 4:30-5:30pm and/or Fridays:

Fri 1/20 4:30-7:00pm Rehearsal Night

Fri 2/10 4:30-7:00pm Rehearsal Night

Fri 3/10 4:30-7:00pm Rehearsal Night

Fri 3/24 4:30-7:00pm Dress Rehearsal

Fri 3/31 4:30-7:00pm Tech Night

Performance & Location TBD: Saturday, April 1st

2022-23 School Season



School Season: September 18th - June 17th

with Holiday-Based Breaks and Special Events

The School Season is broken into three terms to organize large projects/themes. This allows for registration for a portion of the year if needed, but full school season is recommended.

Fall Term: Sep 18th-Dec 17th

Winter Term: Jan 2nd-Apr 1st

Spring Term: Apr 9th-Jun 17th

Tuition Schedule Options:


Full-Year Plan: One Payment for School Season

Receive a 15% Discount (Due September)


Term Plan: Three Payments of $120
(Due on the 5th of October, January, April)


Monthly Plan: Nine Payments of $40 
(Due on the 5th of October-June)

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