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[A]rts to [Z]ebras Programs

Arts to Zebras

Young artists will explore early childhood themes through crafts, stories, sensory activities, music, movement, and play! Participants will become familiar with a flexible schedule during our weekly meetings and begin to develop independence, communication, listening comprehension, and social skills. Throughout the School Season we will learn about fun topics from A to Z with enriching, fun, and developmentally appropriate activities.


Lots of time dedicated to play within a prepared environment. Brief, developmentally appropriate "lessons" through group time. The environment is prepared for the recommended age range with age appropriate materials. Curated centers may be used to provide options. Instruction may include material demonstration, story, or group activity. The curricular plans are finalized after getting to know the group of students.


Part of Arts to Zebras may take place in the Creativity Garden when weather allows!

A parent/guardian is asked to stay onsite. Choose to socialize with other parents, catch up on work or reading, or actively participate. Until routines are established, active participation is preferred. 

2022-2023 [A]rts to [Z]ebras Programs

Tue 1:00-2:00pm [A]rts to [Z]ebras [best for 2.5yo-5yo]

Thu 1:00-2:00pm [A]rts to [Z]ebras [best for 2.5yo-5yo]

2022-23 School Season



School Season: September 18th - June 17th

with Holiday-Based Breaks and Special Events

The School Season is broken into three terms to organize large projects/themes. This allows for registration for a portion of the year if needed, but full school season is recommended.

Fall Term: Sep 18th-Dec 17th

Winter Term: Jan 2nd-Apr 1st

Spring Term: Apr 9th-Jun 17th

Tuition Schedule Options:


Full-Year Plan: One Payment for School Season

Receive a 15% Discount (Due September)


Term Plan: Three Payments of $120
(Due on the 5th of October, January, April)


Monthly Plan: Nine Payments of $40 
(Due on the 5th of October-June)

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