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STEAM Studio Programs

Science Technology Engineering ARTS Mathematics

STEAM Studio

Use hands-on arts projects to explore themes in science, technology, engineering, and math. Many activities place emphasis on discovering through both failures and successes.


This program uses a combination of guided and exploratory activities. Some unstructured Choice Time is incorporated most days and prepared to match the needs of each age group.


STEAM Studio may take place in the Garden or outside when weather/daylight allows!

2021-2022 STEAM Studio Programs

Mon 4:30-5:30pm STEAM Studio [4th-6th / 7th-8th]

Thu 3:30-4:30pm STEAM Studio [K-1st / 2nd-3rd / 4th-6th]

*Tue 6:00-7:30pm Grades 6th-12th can choose STEAM during "Creative Interests"

What about younger friends 2yo+?

Consider Arts to Zebras or Creative Play Programs that encourage open-ended discovery and learning through play! Age appropriate activities and format will set the foundation to join STEAM Studio later.

2023-24 School Year



School Year: September 6th - June 22nd

with Holiday-Based Breaks and Special Events

The School Year is broken into three seasons to organize large projects/themes. This allows for registration for a portion of the year if needed, but full school season is recommended.

Fall: Sep 6th-Dec 23rd

Winter: Jan 2nd-Mar 30

Spring: Apr 9th-Jun 22nd

Tuition Schedule Options:


Full-Year Plan: One Payment for School Year

Receive a 15% Discount (Due September)


Seasonal Plan: Three Payments of $120
(Due on the 5th of October, January, April)


Monthly Plan: Nine Payments of $40 
(Due on the 5th of October-June)

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