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Creative Play Programs

Creative Play

Open Studio, Stage, Lab, Garden, and Library. It's time for exploration and play with prepared activities, prompts, and manipulative materials. Participants can focus on their own favorites and have exposure to new things!


Little-to-no structured lesson. The environment is prepared for the recommended age range with age appropriate materials. Instruction may include material demonstration, prompt or challenge, story, or brief group activity.


Creative Play will take place in the Creativity Garden when weather allows!

2022-2023 Creative Play Programs

Mon 3:30-4:30pm Creative Play [K-1st / 2nd-3rd / 4th-6th]

Friday 9:30-10:30am Creative Play [1yo-3yo with Adult]

Friday 10:30-11:30am Creative Play [3yo-5yo with Adult]

2023-24 School Year



School Year: September 6th - June 22nd

with Holiday-Based Breaks and Special Events

The School Year is broken into three seasons to organize large projects/themes. This allows for registration for a portion of the year if needed, but full school season is recommended.

Fall: Sep 6th-Dec 23rd

Winter: Jan 2nd-Mar 30

Spring: Apr 9th-Jun 22nd

Tuition Schedule Options:


Full-Year Plan: One Payment for School Year

Receive a 15% Discount (Due September)


Seasonal Plan: Three Payments of $120
(Due on the 5th of October, January, April)


Monthly Plan: Nine Payments of $40 
(Due on the 5th of October-June)

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