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Girl Scout Cadette Comic Artist Badge Workshop


This workshop is specifically designed in conjunction with the badge requirements. Each scout will have a packet to work from throughout the workshop. Depending on age level, the packet provides corresponding readings, graphics, note taking space, and questions.


Part One: Delve into the world of comics

The workshop opens with a presentation of comics and graphic novels. Scouts will learn about the artists, materials, techniques, creation process, and more.


Part Two: Choose a story to tell

Scouts will brainstorm and get a simple plan going for their own comic strips.


Part Three: Draw it out

Scouts will start drawing their comic. SPLAT's collection of drawing books will be available to help everyone through this process.


Part Four: Frame it in panels

Everyone will continue the process by creating at least four panels in their comic.


Part Five: Add the words

The scouts will add dialogue, thought bubbles, and narrative panels. 

Girl Scout Cadette Comic Artist Badge


1. Delve into the world of

2. Choose a story to tell
3. Draw it out
4. Frame it in four panels
5. Add the words

When I've earned this badge, I'll know how to create my own comic.

-—Girl Scouts of America


Book your workshop whenever works best for your troop. This workshop takes 2 hours.



Generally, this workshop takes place in the SPLAT Studio [3128 Main St. Caledonia]. It may be possible to bring SPLAT to you, contact to figure out the details.



The cost is $8 per participant and includes all materials for the described workshop.

The studio gets crowded with more than 12 participants. There is a maximum of 16 participants. If you have a large troop, it may be best to split into 2 groups and come separately.


What Else?

- You will need to coordinate transportation to and from SPLAT.

- You will need to provide the actual badges for your scouts.

- You may want to bring a small snack or drink.

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