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Musical Theatre [Theme/Show TBA]

with Drama Kids International

Ages 6yo-15yo with Small Groups

Mon-Fri: July 8th-12th


The dragon is back in town! Well… not really. That’s the story a ragtag band of innkeepers makes up, desperate to draw questing heroes to the struggling Dancing Dragon Inn. Soon the inn is full of unexpected guests, from an army of princesses out to prove their bravery, to a group of overwhelmed heroes trying to hold onto their fame. But what happens if they all discover the innkeepers’ dragon story is made up? Could there be more than one way to save the day? An epic folk-rock score brings magic to this funny, heartfelt fantasy musical.


Adventure with Drama Kids International through a Musical Theatre experience featuring a musical written for kids/teens! Students will spend much of the week learning and rehearsing the musical to show off on Friday. With a variety of roles needed to produce a show, kids and teens will put their talents to work as best fits their interests and abilities. Show roles include singing, non-singing, dancing, non-dancing, speaking, non-speaking, and stage crew.

Non-performing rotations of creative activities will be available, but still adhere to show themes. Students will be expected to support their friends, learn about musical theatre, and have a positive attitude.

Choose Full-Day to ensure you’ll experience the full variety of activities! 
We will perform on Friday to conclude the week.

We will spend time inside and outside. This week has both structured activities and open-ended time for kids to learn through play. AGES 6yo-15yo WILL BE SEPARATED for much of our time, but come together as needed. Students will spend much of their time in break-out groups with dedicated age-appropriate spaces, activities, instructors, and expectations. With the students' best interest in mind, 2-3 groups will be formed based on actual registration.




10-12pm AM Musical Theatre $125

1-4pm PM Musical Theatre $175  

10-4pm Full Day Musical Theatre $250

Add Extended Day +$50 (flat rate) Arrive as early as 8am. Leave as late as 6pm.​


Packed lunch required. ALL food/beverages must be PEANUT & TREE NUT FREE.


Emergency Forms will be sent separately and due before your participation. Your payment indicates you agree to policy/procedure. All events subject to class size minimums. 

DKI Musical Theatre [7/8-7/12]

PriceFrom $100.00

    You can participate in every Summer Adventure week without exact duplication. Even adventures with the same theme in past summers will have updated activities (and are in rotation again by popular request of students).

    Participation in the Full Day is recommended for the complete experience with time for a wider range of activities. Exact project/activity itinerary NOT available in advance. All Summer Adventures are curated and adjusted for the student group to best meet their unique interests, skills, needs, and group dynamic.

    Add Before/After Open Studio to extend the day and help meet the needs of your schedule! Extended Day Open Studio offers
    8-10am Drop-Off & 4-6pm Pick-Up as needed. This is NOT structured/guided lesson time. Students will enjoy freedom within limits for their own projects and play. With a busy day getting creative, this unstructured time is often spent on puzzles, board games, pretend play, reading, or socializing.

    NOTE: Packed Lunch/Snacks (peanut and tree nut free) required for Full Day and Extended Day options.


    Ages 4yo-15yo Invited (except when noted). Enjoy a wholesome & friendly atmosphere with themes and collaborative activities that bring everyone together much like a family or community. Students will spend much of their time in break-out groups with dedicated age-appropriate spaces, activities, instructors, and expectations. With the students' best interest in mind, 3-4 groups will be formed based on actual registration.

    Teens will enjoy a dedicated space to work. Teens have optional opportunities to learn through guided leadership for part of their experience. Focus remains on FUN though, as we will be following their interests and inspiration to make sure they enjoy some of their final years as students before young adulthood.

    Our team will be utilizing the indoor & outdoor spaces of Adventures & Art including the Main Studio, Lounge, Loft, Choice Center, Stage, Creativity Garden, and Front Patio. A variety of seating and partitioning options will allow flexibility to accomplish different activities.


    ALL food/beverages must be PEANUT & TREE NUT FREE.

    Microwave use available.

    Tap water available.

    If timing is applicable, packed snacks/meals are required. Older students may walk (unsupervised) to local establishments for food with written parental permission.

    Consumption of food/drink may be limited to designated area(s) in order to maintain clean, functional supplies and materials for all.

    Hand washing by sink is required before and after food consumption for wellness and cleanliness of supplies/materials. 

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