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Why join a Create with a Caregiver class?

Create with a Caregiver???

Have you heard of a 'mommy and me' class? Same idea! At SPLAT, we want to emphasize that mommy, daddy, grandparent, babysitter, or any other caregiver is welcome. There are several opportunities to get in on the Create with a Caregiver action at SPLAT. In general, these opportunities are for little artists between the ages of 18 months and four years.

I've put a lot of effort into tailoring these classes to our littlest artists! Projects are quick, engaging, and fun to keep your little artist's attention. The studio atmosphere is inviting, and music makes classes extra fun. Plus many of the classes feature either a choice time or group game time at the end.

Here are some of the most frequent concerns I hear from caregivers.

"I'm not artistic, so I won't be able to help my child..." Just being there to show your love and support is all that is expected of you. Caregivers are welcome to draw or paint along with their child but not required to. Caregivers often find themselves helping their child write their name, stay on task, or giving praise.

What kinds of projects will we do? Projects are designed to engage little artists and develop skills. Depending on the child, the caregiver may need to help minimally with the project. At this age, there is a focus on developing motor skills, self-expression, and process. Projects include paper crafts, painting, basic sculpting, fabric crafts, and bead crafts. You can check the specific class for more detail.

"My child can't talk yet. It's not like he will make friends..." Generally there are a few students who haven't started talking yet or are slightly delayed. These students still benefit from the social aspect of SPLAT's classes! Your little ones will see their classmates interacting as well as all the caregivers interacting. (Plus caregivers have the opportunity for some socialization!)

"She is too shy for something like that..." Having a caregiver there to sit with has been extremely comforting to children in the past. Classes are also kept small, so it isn't too overwhelming. These classes are meant to be casual and adapt to each child. While children are encouraged to chat with each other throughout the class, it won't be forced.

"I think my kids are too energetic for an art class..." This is one of the most common concerns. Don't worry! Create with a Caregiver classes are designed for this age group and all the 'fun difficulties' that come with it. STUFF HAPPENS... kids interrupt, get out of their chair, meltdowns happen, etc.

Let's Talk! What concerns do you have that weren't adressed? What have you enjoyed about 'mommy and me' styled programs in the past?

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