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Chalk & Stone Letters

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Invitation to Play (and Learn!)

Suggested for toddlers through elementary


Stones- Collect stones! Scoop them from your driveway, find them in the creek, or even purchase some if you need to. Consider limiting the size of the stones depending on the age.

Chalk- Find a shady space where you can use sidewalk chalk.

Activity & Extended Ideas:

Introduce a letter by chalking it onto the sidewalk. You can make the sound and give examples of words using that letter. Demonstrate and encourage children to arrange the stones on the chalk until the whole letter is 'written' in stones.

If ready, move into writing words instead of single letters. Older children may enjoy taking a spelling list outside to write the words themselves.

You can paint your stones first. Then you can make patterns, use a certain color on vowels, and more!

Another extension is to count the stones. You can count stones per letter and add all of the stones in a word.

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