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Social Distancing Day ??

I think it's been about four weeks. I've barely been able to keep a grasp on what day it is since I abruptly closed up Adventures & Art for covid-19 precautions. It feels like it's been a long time just as much as it feels like time has flown by. The frustration occasionally gets to me when I think about all that I could've accomplished if I hadn't been crying or staring at the wall.

But I do actually know that today is Monday, April 13th. It's the start of the April Term, a term that didn't exist until I decided on a plan last week. It's been a week of trying projects, racking my brain, researching, counting what supplies are left in the closet, and considering what's accessible to my students in their homes. Yesterday I had a quiet Easter Sunday with my husband. Today I got back in the studio to pack-up Take-Home Kits. I ran around like crazy with urgency and frustration at times. It's not a great feeling, but today it felt refreshing. I'm thrilled to see people seeking out the arts with me and can't wait for our classes to actually begin tomorrow.

I feel so deeply for so many people in so many difficult situation right now. I'm finishing the day feeling full of joy for our distance learning adventure. I'm so incredibly thankful for the people joining our studio family.

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