Study in the Studio

Study in the Studio

Fridays 11:00am-Noon for the 2017-18 School Year [excludes SPLAT's scheduled breaks]

During Study in the Studio, homeschooling families will be able to utilize the studio for their educational needs. This Open-Studio-styled opportunity allows for a lot of flexibility:

- Students can study independently or meet up with others to work together.

- Parents can work with their students or quietly work/socialize in the waiting area.

- The Choice Center will be open; chalkboard, magnets, felt map, blocks, and other rotating interactive activities. Basic supplies can be used from the Choice Center such as pencils, crayons, colored pencils, and scissors.


Class Structure:

60 Minute Open Studio [come & go at your convenience] 

Separated tables and centers allow for students to work independently or in small groups. The Choice Center will be open for creative play/activities.


This opportunity is largely PARENT-RUN. Staff will be present to oversee but will NOT be planning activities or babysitting. A Parent/Caregiver must accompany participants ages 0-4 years. Students ages 5 and up may be dropped off with work to do. Students being dropped off NEED to be able to work or play independently/with friends and potty trained.


Suggested Ages:

0-18 years [Ages 0-4 MUST be accompanied by a Parent/Caregiver at all times]
Separated tables, center areas, and rooms allow for ages to split-up if desired.



Study in the Studio 2017-18 Tuition Options:

One-Time Payment: $40/Household [BEST DEAL]

One-Time Tuition payment allows your family to utilize the Study in the Studio opportunity as often as you'd like during the 2017-18 school year. This payment option will pay for itself in only 4 visits!


Single Class Pass: $10/Household

$10 Due by the beginning of class

*Please inquire prior to class. SPLAT holds the right to turn anyone down due to, but not limited to; supply availability, short notice, class size.



Further Details, Rules, and FAQs:

- Study in the Studio runs from 11:00am to 12:00Noon on Fridays. Families are welcome to come and go between those times. There is no commitment or obligation to attend every week.


- 2017-18 Program: October 13th-June 15th
[Excluding These Scheduled Breaks: Nov 10 & 24, Dec 29, Jan 5, Feb 23, Mar 30, Apr 6, May 25, Jun 1]


- You are expected to clean-up after yourselves before you leave and follow SPLAT rules.


- Food/Drink will be permitted. At this time there is a strict NO PEANUT/TREE NUT policy. If food/drink becomes a problem in any way, SPLAT holds the right to ban any or all food/drink. Feel free to ask about some great lunch options within walking distance!


- The Choice Center is a specific area at SPLAT that students are permitted to use during Study in the Studio. This center encourages learning and growth through play and exploration. There is a large chalkboard, magnet board, felt map, books, basic drawing supplies, and other rotating activities such as a sandbox, blocks, etc.


- Students can do a variety of things during this time; use the Choice Center, read books, complete assignments, work in small groups, take exams, study flashcards, etc. While play, socialization, and exploration are allowed, this is not a free-for-all with running around, gym behavior, or outside voices.


- Parents are welcome to collaborate and plan activities for students who wish to work together or alongside each other in small groups. All groups need to be considerate of others while working, there will likely be a wide range of ages working/playing in different ways.


- Established or fee-paying groups/co-ops are welcome but should NOT expect to use this time to dominate the studio with lessons/activities for only their members. Please contact with interest to use SPLAT as a venue for your groups/co-ops.


- SPLAT staff will be around to oversee, enforce rules, and take charge should emergency situations arise. There will not be lessons/activities lead by staff members during Study in the Studio. (If you're looking for classes in the arts, there are many offered at SPLAT or contact for private/semi-private lessons.) 


- Basic supplies (pencils, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, copy paper) will be available in the Choice Center. Parents/Students should not expect or ask to use other supplies that are intended for use in SPLAT's many creative programs, workshops, and events.


- Electronics such as laptops, tablets, and phones are allowed. There is no wifi or printing available from SPLAT at this time. Parents will be responsible to monitor electronic use. SPLAT and its staff cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of possessions brought to SPLAT.



- Parents are welcome to work/play alongside students, use the waiting area to work/relax/socialize, or drop-off and pick-up students. Parents are required to stay with children 0-4 years old.


- SPLAT holds the right to refuse families/students who routinely break rules, pose a threat to others, or otherwise interrupt the intent of Study in the Studio. Issues will be addressed with parents as they arise.





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