Ocean Workshop for 4yo-6yo

Ocean Workshop for 4yo-6yo


Ocean Workshop for 4yo-6yo 

Make marbled paper and sea creatures!
Choose between Studio Workshop or Distance Workshop


Studio Workshop:

June 30th 11:00-11:45am

At this age group, one adult may optionally attend. 


Distance Workshop:

  • Access to the Live Class hosted at the listed timeslot via Zoom. You will receive the private details & password. (attendance not required)
  • Access to Recorded Video Assistance so you can watch on your own time.
  • Class Lesson & Resources for each class. This includes specialty prepared materials that you may not have at home.
    (expect to need common supplies like pencils, scissors, glue, etc depending on the project)
Event Options
  • Participant Expectations

    All participants must adhere to the PARTICIPANT EXPECTATION POLICY in order to attend.

    • Participants MUST be fully independent with bathroom needs.
      If a participant is not independent in the bathroom, an adult must accompany to provide assistance. 
    • Participants MUST understand when, why, and how to wash (or sanitize) their hands. Gentle reminders and hand-washing education will be provided. Additionally, participants must clean hands when asked to.
      If a participant is not independent with cleaning hands, an adult must accompany to provide assistance. 
    • Participants MUST adhere to health & safety rules. Typical rules posted include: We walk in the studio, We have self-control in the studio, We listen in the studio, We respect each other and our supplies in the studio, etc. Notably, at this time, participants will be asked to stay at their workstation to allow for large personal space or distance.
    • Just STAY HOME if you feel ill, have recently been ill, or have recently been exposed to illness. 
    • If an adult is accompanying a participant for any reason, they MUST also follow ALL of the EXPECTATION POLICY. Adults are asked to participate under the guidance of the instructor.

    Subject to change.

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