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10/29 Paints & Potions

Choose one of two Workshops to ensure age-level appropriate fun in an environment that meets their attention span and developing skills.


$20 Best for Ages 5yo-10yo



$15 Best for Ages 2yo-5yo WITH ADULT


Participants will enjoy a bubbly, colorful experience. Workshop to include arts and crafts, messy play, and colorful science explorations. Some guided projects are planned through whole group or rotation (turn-taking). The environment is also prepared with rotating art supplies, centers, activities, and toys will be available in designated spaces.


Adult supervision is required for children under 4yo. Caregivers participate by helping them achieve their ideas (without doing the work for them) and give reminders about rules/expectations. For children 4yo and older who are ready to participate alone, an adult only needs to stay onsite (Lounge Available) if child is not independent with all bathroom needs.

***Please NO SNACKS unless medically required. We have a LOT of messy supplies to work with on all surfaces. Contact with concerns.
*No Peanut or Tree Nut products permitted.

10/29 Paints & Potions

PriceFrom $15.00