Artsy Parties

Invite your guests and have a dedicated Adventures & Art instructor help you throw an exciting party! 


Participants will enjoy the fun project you choose and take that masterpiece home as a favor. When planning, we'll discuss time for a meal, presents, and dessert depending on your needs. 


Booking availability varies and takes second to Adventures & Art's scheduled Programs. 

Artsy Party Pricing

Total Party Cost = $20/Hour STUDIO FEE + (PROJECT FEE per Participant)


Not sure where that cost is coming from? Please consider the time spent organizing your party, ordering supplies, prepping, actual party time, and clean up. Then don't forget the cost of supplies and cost of general utilities to provide an enjoyable experience. Thanks for your understanding and support!

Studio Space Rental

Variable Rates $10-$30/Hour

Bring your private party, meeting, or event to the studio at Adventures & Art. Talk about your event needs and find the best solution.

Booking availability varies and takes second to Adventures & Art's scheduled Programs.

Create Your Own Party!


Work with Emily to plan a party with your own theme and ideas! Party duration and projects can be modified to fit the needs of children outside the suggested age range. Parties during the warmer months opens the possibility of using the backyard and increasing the amount of guests you can invite.

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