Celebrate & Create at SPLAT

Choice Painting Party

Guests are free to paint anything they want on their canvas! Use acrylics with paintbrushes or 'crazy painting supplies.' 


Colorful Canvas Party

The Colorful Canvas project is enjoyed by both girls and boys of all ages. This two-step project becomes a one-of-a-kind abstract masterpiece that the party guests will be proud of.

Step-by-Step Canvas Painting Party

Paint a canvas step-by-step with Miss Emily. Choose from previous paintings or request a new one based on any objects, themes, or inspiration.

Tie-Dye Party

Each guest creates a fun tie-dye shirt.

Minecraft Painting Party

Paint a Minecraft themed canvas and do other projects based on this popular game.


Initial Canvas Party

Use tape and different color paints to create a cool decorative piece. Each guest will paint a canvas with their initial on it.


Billions of Beads Party

The Beading project is enjoyed by BOTH girls and boys of all ages. Guests will use plastic beads to create their own designs (or use ideas from 100+ examples) and then melt the beads to create a 3D figure.

Paper Sculpture Party

Create a unique sculpture with a variety of cool papers and techniques. 


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Artsy Parties at SPLAT

Put  the  ART  in  PARTY!


SPLAT provides fun, creative parties for boys and girls of all ages. Choose from pre-planned parties or work with Miss Emily to create your own party. SPLAT provides the space, time for food and presents, the art project, and instructors for every party. The kids have a blast and parents get to relax. Check out the themes and contact to book your party.


The Artsy Party Basics


The Studio

SPLAT is located at 3090 Main St. in Caledonia. The studio is designed for kids and teens to get creative. When you have a party the entire studio will be reserved for your event. Free street and lot parking is available.


Party Décor

Along with the usual crafty atmosphere, the studio will be decorated for parties. Party decorations are fun, gender neutral, colorful, and art themed. You’re welcome to bring any additional decorations as well.


Paper Products

Plates, napkins, plastic silverware, and cups will be provided. The paper products will match the artsy party décor.


Artsy Party Favors

Guests will bring home their creations and masterpieces as well as favors. Favors will vary from party to party but will always be artsy and age appropriate.

Create Your Own Party!


Work with Emily to plan a party with your own theme and ideas! Party duration and projects can be modified to fit the needs of children outside the suggested age range. Parties during the warmer months opens the possibility of using the backyard and increasing the amount of guests you can invite.

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