Have an Artsy Party at SPLAT

Put the ART in PARTY! SPLAT provides fun, creative parties for boys and girls of all ages. Choose from pre-planned parties or work with Miss Emily to create your own party. SPLAT provides the space, time for food and presents, the art project, and instructors for every party. The kids have a blast and parents get to relax.

Paper Sculpture Party

Suggested for Ages: 5-10
Party Time: 2 hours



Party Day  [Times approximate and used for an example only]


11:45   Set Up

The studio will be pre-decorated with our colorful, crafty décor. A birthday sign will be placed on the door to help direct guests to the party location. You’re encouraged to beat your guests to the studio so you can get settled, bring any additional decorations you may want, and get a quick review of how the party will go.


12:00   Welcome
Free street and lot parking is available surrounding the studio.


A place will be designated for guests to place presents as well as a place for jackets/outerwear. Parents are required to fill out a quick emergency form if their child’s information is not already on file [emergency contact & medical concerns]. When guests arrive they may freely color, use the chalkboard, and socialize.


12:15   Project Time
Paper Sculpture Project: Guests will learn some techniques for crafting with paper and then create their own sculpture using a large variety of fun papers with different weights, textures, and designs.


1:00     Meal/Snack

Depending on the actual timing of your party, you should provide a simple meal or snack and drinks. There are no food/drink restrictions but please remember to be mindful of your guests’ food allergies and intolerances! As a part of the Artsy Party Basics, colorful paper plates, napkins, plastic silverware, and cups are provided.


Common Choices:

Morning: Donuts, Muffins, Juice, Water

Afternoon/Evening: Pizza, Sandwiches, Juice, Soda, Water


1:30     Presents

Gather around to open gifts while the food is cleaned up and the remainder of the project is set up. A "Thank You Sheet" is provided to track gifts for your convenience in writing thank you cards.  


1:45     Dessert

Bring your own cake/cupcakes/ice cream or choose an edible art project.


2:00     Time for Pick Up

Your guests will go home with their finished masterpieces and fun pARTy favors!

Party Pricing: Billions of Beads


Paper Sculpture Base Fee: $80


- Party of six participants

  [5 guests + 1 birthday boy/girl = 6 particpants]

- Artsy Party Basics

  [SPLAT Studio, Décor, Paper Products, Favors]


Additional Options

- Each Additional Guest: $10 

  [Up to 8 additional guests]

- Cupcake Canvas Dessert & Project: $25 

Each guest will receive a cupcake

with white frosting on a palette

full of sprinkles, candies, and 

fun toppings


The Artsy Party Basics


The Studio

SPLAT is located at 3128 Main St. in Caledonia. The studio is designed for kids and teens to get creative. When you have a party the entire studio will be reserved for your event. Street and lot parking is available.


Party Décor

Along with the usual crafty atmosphere, the studio will be decorated for parties. Party decorations are fun, gender neutral, colorful, and art themed. You’re welcome to bring any additional decorations as well.


Paper Products

Plates, napkins, plastic silverware, and cups will be provided. The paper products will match the artsy party décor.


Artsy Party Favors

Guests will bring home their creations and masterpieces as well as favors. Favors will vary from party to party but will always be artsy and age appropriate. Do give you an idea, some possible favor items includ stickers, stencils, pencils, crayons, erasers, candy, etc.

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