What is an Artist Trading Card?


Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are miniature works of art that are traded between artists. They can be about anything and made with any media, materials, or techniques. ATCs can be produced as one-of-a-kind originals, in limited editions, or in a series based on a particular theme or subject. It’s all up to the individual artist.​

May ATC Club

Suggested for Ages: 5+

Will you take the challenge to create a card for every day

of this month? Set aside a few minutes every day to create

an ATC for your collection. For May, that’s 31 ATCs!


Not sure what to draw? You’ll get a challenge sheet with a challenge for each day of the month. Use the challenges to inspire you or use your imagination to create your very own masterpiece.


Have a busy day with no time to draw? No problem, you can work at your own pace and catch up sometime.


May ATC Swaps & Workshops

While not required, ATCs are made to trade! These mini masterpieces are designed for sharing and socializing so attend any of these events to be a part of the ATC community. 


ATC Kick Off!

May 1 [12:00-1:00pm]

Use this time to pick up the May supplies, ask questions, and create your first ATC of the month.

*Can't make it during that time? You can pick up the supplies anytime or have them mailed to you.


Spring Art Show

May 29 [1:00-5:00pm]
Check out the ATCs, create some, and swap them at the Spring Art Show!


Spring Art Show

May 30 [11:00-5:00pm]
Check out the ATCs, create some, and swap them at the Spring Art Show!

Order Now

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ATC Starter Pack: $15


- Artist Trading Card Binder

- ATC Info, Guidelines, & Instructions
- 18 Blank Artist Trading Cards
- 2 ATC display pages

- 2 Random ATCs to start your collection


May ATC Club Cost: $12


- 36 Blank Artist Trading Cards
- ATC display pages for all of the May ATCs

- 2 Random ATCs to add to your collection

- May’s ATC challenge and inspiration sheet

- Attend May’s ATC Workshop at no cost


Starter Pack & May ATC Club

Bundle: $22

First time participating? This deal will help you get started and save money.

PLUS $2 OFF for Early Order before 4/17


Blank ATCs

Can’t get enough? Order some extras!

- 18 Pack of ATCs: $5

- 36 Pack of ATCs: $8

The History of Artist Trading Cards


Artist Trading Cards have been around for about a decade. Yet, their historical roots can be traced back to the Mail Art and Fluxus movements of the 1960s, and even earlier to the Dadaist movement of the 1920s. 

Swiss artist M. Vänci Stirnemann first developed the concept of Artist Trading Cards in 1996, when he decided to document his activities with other artists by producing 1,200 cards he created by hand. He exhibited the cards at his gallery in Zürich in May 1997. On the last day of the exhibit, Stirnemann invited anyone who wanted a card to create their own ATC to trade during the closing reception. 

Canadian artist Chuck Stake (aka Don Mable) attended Stirnemann’s exhibition and participated in a Trading Session while in Zürich. Stake became very enthusiastic about ATCs and collaborated with Stirnemann to stage “The First International Biennial of Artist Trading Cards” at The New Gallery in Calgary, Canada that included 80 artists from 10 different countries. Since then interest in ATCs has spread around the globe. 


Today, you will find ATC swap sessions happening in most major cities around the world. Now you can help bring ATCs to our area!

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